Every 3 hours we examined 10 different web site "home pages." We count each occurrence of the word "Obama" and the word "McCain."

Each instance of reading a web page is a "sample." As of Sunday, January 4th, 2009 at 06:12:00, we have taken 1059 samples.

And we have shut the program off, for obvious reasons. The media WON!

Total Score - Obama : 139555     McCain : 67175

Average     - Obama : 131     McCain : 63

Last Sample
Media OutletObamaMcCain          Difference
  Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune10     Obama over McCain by 1:1 
  The Drudge Report60     Obama over McCain by 6:1 
  CNN100     Obama over McCain by 10:1 
  Time Magazine50     Obama over McCain by 5:1 
  Chicago Tribune180     Obama over McCain by 18:1 
  The New York Times110     Obama over McCain by 11:1 
  KSTP Channel 500     Tie 
  Washington Post240     Obama over McCain by 24:1 
  Washington Times70     Obama over McCain by 7:1 
  Fox News40     Obama over McCain by 4:1 

Minneapolis Star Tribune Graph The Drudge Report Graph
CNN Graph Time Magazine Graph
Chicago Tribune Graph The New York Times Graph
KSTP Channel 5 Graph The Washington Post Graph
The Washington Times Graph Fox News Graph
Sample Total Graph

Good Luck !

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